Working with musicians is always exciting, and it is always an interesting challenge to visually represent a band. It’s vital to steer clear of making a band a “brand”, while allowing the listener a glimpse into their world.

The Mobilius band members were eager to be involved in the design of their album cover for their debut – but wanted to take a step back the from the project and let Double A Creative pitch ideas. After a meeting to gather the band’s influences and the album covers they drew inspiration from, and a few listens to the album, a number of ideas were sketched, explained and pitched. As soon as we mentioned the influence of Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis, Double A Creative was editing 500 layers of umbrellas in Photoshop to look like a crow. This project was a labour of love. 

PROJECT OUTLINES: Branding / Marketing / Graphic Design / Package Design 
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