Double A Creative not only provides graphic design services for businesses and individuals, we have also started moonlighting in an educational capacity. I have been lucky enough to get a gig working as a teacher’s aide at the Music Industry College in Brisbane, which has given me some great jobs like designing a logo and promotional material for the end of year exhibition.

Most of the work is assisting the students with their own assessments, developing ideas and helping them learn just what the Adobe Creative Suite is capable of. However, in today’s high schools it is sad and unnerving that most of the work is done on a computer, even in art class. Hypocritical, I know, coming from a graphic designer who spends 95 per cent of their time looking at a monitor.

While the traditions of art creation have changed, the result is still the same and we were asked to create an exhibition poster to promote the student’s end of year exhibition.

The title of the exhibition was a juxtaposition of the school itself – it is a music school but we wanted to bring the attention back on to the visual artists at the school and the Vision & Sound logo shows how intertwined the visual aesthetic is with music. Very proud of the result. Not just because of the concept, but how I reached it. I put my computer away, picked up a pencil and sketched one concept. I was elated because the logo itself and direction didn’t change much from my notepad to poster – aside from tweaks and the accuracy a computer is capable of.

I am also learning from being back at school that the traditional methods of art are still the best.

“Aaron was so wonderful to work with. I provided a very vague concept and design idea for exhibition advertisements and Aaron instantly bought it to life. Even his first design draft was thoughtful, innovative and unique. During the design process he promptly replied to all of my emails and was willing to bounce ideas and collaborate until I was 100% happy. Definitely recommended.”
Bianca Hines
TEACHER – Music Industry College

PROJECT OUTLINES:  Marketing / Graphic Design / Video / Branding
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