It’s sad how people consume music today. Digital distribution has meant that album cover design is an afterthought, and musicians are opting to release their music with small, low res, 50px, lacklustre covers. It’s a real shame, considering the album cover’s important history in music. But as long as there are young musicians like Ben Stocks out there who realise the importance of the album cover it will never entirely disappear, and Double A Creative will always be there to accept the challenge of encapsulating an album or a piece of music in a single image.

The album cover for Nonfiction started from a very clear but rudimentary sketched concept that Ben approached Double A Creative with and we worked building on the concept, knocking it down and building it back up again. After the concept was confirmed with Ben, Double A Creative proceeded to build the album cover using stock library images and we used Adobe Photoshop to create an artificial room following Ben’s directions and lighting effects that created the right mood. We spoke over the space of a few weeks – refining, developing again and again, until Ben and Double A was happy.

Right next to our passion for producing magazines, Double A Creative has an absolute love of when music and visual art meet. So whenever these jobs come through the AA door we are in design heaven.

“Double A Creative exceeded my expectations on my album cover. Aaron was calm and easy going when it came to making alterations to the artwork. Very affordable.”
Ben Stocks

PROJECT OUTLINES: Graphic Design / Packaging
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