In 2019 I launched a passion project called Maurice & The Metal – a comic book about a metalhead drummer who discovers that he has superhuman strength whenever he listens to heavy metal, the heavier the song the stronger he gets and all other genres of music take the strength away. This has been an ongoing project that started out as an idea, a concept in 2013 that developed over time to a full-blown project as the writer/creator. My work with Double A Creative meant that I could handle all of the design needs of getting the project up and running – branding, promotion, prepress, video editing and motion graphics. The project also requires a lot of ongoing social media promotion, marketing and communicating between illustrators, printers and publishers. In 2020 I successfully launched and crowdfunded issue 2 of the comic on Kickstarter, and I am planning another for 2021. A great experience and the combination of all of the skills and expertise that I have developed in my career.




PROJECT OUTLINES:  Writer / Creator / Design / Marketing / Branding / Video / Motion Graphics 
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